Danielle Marie Archer

Ayurvedic Counselor

Our relationship to the natural world impacts our ability to thrive within it. Imbalances manifest in the form of chronic and acute health problems that are physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  
Sometimes making small but consistent adjustments to diet and lifestyle that are in line with the rhythms of nature can lead to significant and positive change for our lives. 
​Ayurveda is the primary modality through which I work with clients. Together we examine our relationship with the universal whole, and we look to dismantle behaviors and habits that do not serve us while aiming to live from truth grounded in connection. 


All services available in person or via the internet oracle.

Utilizing knowledge from the Vedic sciences, I work with clients step by step towards integration in mind, body, spirit, and being, so that they can live from connection, balance, and awareness, paving the way overall for better health.
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I offer classes on a variety of things, including Ayurveda & cooking. To inquire about or request a private or group class, please contact me.

For Inquiries or Appointments

Email: daniellemariearcher@gmail.com

I offer a free five minute phone consult to anyone who has questions about how

Ayurvedic Health & Lifestyle Counseling might be able to serve them.

I believe that everyone that seeks guidance deserves support.

I offer sliding scale rates by request. 


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