Danielle Marie Archer

Āyurveda & Jyotish

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"You can make your fullest contribution to life only when you are healthy and health alone enables you to enjoy your life to the fullest in return."                              - Dr. Robert Svoboda

Living out of alignment impacts our physical and spiritual health. 

Alignment has internal and external factors.

There is alignment with purpose, with our own unique truth, and there is also alignment with the greater rhythms of the earth.

Here, alignment refers to the physical, spiritual, environmental, and planetary influences that contribute to one's being.

The goal of my practice is to empower clients to take part in their own healing, physical and spiritual. Everyone's path is unique, and so is every treatment plan.


Some clients come to my practice looking for help with specific health problems. I have experience working with thyroid disorders, chronic fatigue, back/joint problems, depression/anxiety/grief, obesity, arthritis, allergies, Fibromyalgia, Crohn's Disease, and IBS, to name a few.


Others come seeking spiritual guidance, emotional support, or for help setting and accomplishing goals that are in alignment with their unique purpose, thier dharma.

Because the body, mind, and spirit are all connected, it is important to know that coaching will touch on the physical and the spiritual, no matter what you originally come for.

Everything is connected. We are the microcosm of the macrocosm.

You are the authority on your body
your experience
your life

Coaching is collaborative. You matter.

In a counseling session we discuss your past and current states of health, your personal goals, your environment, your life, and your emotions, in order to assess your current state of balance according to the principals of Āyurveda.


I also use Vedic Astrology to understand karmas that may have been inherited at birth as well as the impact of the celestial energies on your current state of being.  

Healing with Āyurveda takes time.

Many are working on mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical issues that have taken root over years (for some, even decades).


Undoing knots with deep roots will take time and commitment.  


What works for you matters. 

What does not work for you also matters. 


Treatment typically involves making consistent adjustments that are in line with the rhythms of nature to guide the body, mind, and spirit toward a state of balance.

Sometimes dietary adjustments and Āyurvedic therapies like herbs, massage, and pressure point therapies, as well as other lifestyle adjustments are recommended to support your alignment. 

Curious? Book a free call to find out how Āyurveda can work for you. 

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"Danielle is an excellent listener and she really does work with you even if you are a giant pain in the butt. I like the constant adjustments and how thoughtful Danielle is in her work. Plus, she is a charming, witty lady with lots of wisdom. I highly recommend her if there are things in your life both physically and emotionally that hold you back."

Vanessa D. / Store Owner / Albuquerque, NM

"What I love most about working with Danielle is she sees and treats me as a whole person. Not only have I learned a lot about diet and routine to help my thyroid disorder, Danielle also guides me to deepen my spiritual practice and work through emotional weight I want to release. For me, it is mind-body-spirit work in an environment that is supportive, honest, and non-judgemental. After a few months of working with Danielle, my doctor took me off my medication, and Ayurvedic practices have helped me stay off! "

Client / Author / Brookline, MA