about Āyurveda


समदोषः समाग्निश्च समधातु मलःक्रियाः। प्रसन्नात्मेन्द्रियमनः स्वस्थइतिअभिधीयते॥

 The Āyurvedic definition of health emphasizes the balanced and dynamic integration between the Body, Mind, Spirit, and Being

Ayurveda is a 4,000 year old system of medicine from India that offers natural solutions to a variety of health problems that are physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual in nature. 
 Treatment typically involves making small but consistent adjustments to diet and lifestyle that are in line with the rhythms of nature, guiding the body to a state of wellness.
Together we examine our relationship with the universal whole, and we look to dismantle behaviors and habits that no longer serve our being.
Counseling supports you on your health journey and is complimentary to (and not meant to replace) treatments from medical professionals. 

About Danielle

I first came across the Ayurvedic philosophies that form the foundation of Indian cuisine while working my way through cookbooks. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and what I find more important than the nutritional and caloric content of the food that I make is the source: the environment, culture, politics, economics, and the influence they have on our relationship with our bodies and with the world around us. 
You truly are what you eat.
Food is incredibly important, but it is just one of the ways that we nourish ourselves. I consider our relationship with the universal whole, and the ways that we are a reflection of the environments in which we are part. I want to dismantle learned behaviors that do not serve our being, bad habits inherited through unnatural systems that thrive on our dependence. I believe that we must disconnect from these systems and behaviors if we are to become grounded in the essence of being.
Ayurveda is the lens through which I understand this relationship between micro and macro, the individual and universal being. 
I believe that true nourishment is a spiritual experience:
To nourish, we must feed the body, the mind, and the spirit.