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Utilizing knowledge from the Vedic sciences, I work with clients step by step towards integration in mind, body, spirit, and being, so that they can live from connection, balance, and awareness, paving the way overall for better health.


I have worked with clients on a number of issues, including changing habits (alcohol, smoking, coffee...), sleeping better, hormonal imbalances, women's health related, anxiety, weight loss, joint pain, goal setting, IBS, sinus problems...  

I draw from a variety of disciplines, including Ayurveda and Jyotish.

Service Paths

Clients that feel supported in this process tend to do better overall. 

There are two paths to consider: Explorer & Guided


The Explorer

The Explorer is independent, introspective, and self disciplined. 

The explorer is given 30 days of health and lifestyle recommendations at or after each appointment that they can implement and follow with limited guidance and support. 


Explorer Services usually look like this:

Intake Appointment 

2 Week Check-in (usually email or text) 

30 day follow up (1 hour)

2 Week Check-in (usually email or text) 

30 day follow up (1 hour)

and so on. 

The Guided Path

Some enjoy slow and steady change with counseling support along the way.  Clients on the Guided Path are given 1-2 weeks of recommendations in smaller doses that are followed with weekly or bi-weekly appointments. Those who choose the guided path benefit from and feel supported by regular counseling and guidance. 

Guided Services usually look like this:

Intake Appointment 

2 Week follow up (1 hour) 

2 Week follow up (1 hour) 

and so on. 

All services available in person or via the oracle (internet)


Intake Appointment  


(1.5 hour session required for all new clients)

Regular Appointment

$108 per hour

(follow up appointments are usually 1 hour)


Book 2 or more appointments at a time and receive a 10% discount

(Intake plus follow up regular $266 - discount $239)

I strongly believe that everyone that seeks guidance deserves support.

I offer sliding scale rates by request.

Please don't hesitate to email me about this.

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Anything else you would like me to know

I will send you some forms, scheduling options, and payment information within 24 hours.

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