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Moon oil is like a blanket for your nerves.

Massaging this calming oil onto your feet before bed will help to ground your nervous system, promoting deeper sleep. Just don't forget to put some socks over your oiled feet to save your sheets. 


Feel like that blanket needs some extra weight?

Put a dollop about the size of a quarter on the crown of your head too. It is good for your hair, good for your brain, and great for your nervous system. 


This smooth and silky oil can also be used for massage, for abhyanga, and as a moisturizer.

Moon Oil ~ Massage oil for Sleep

  • 12 oz.

    Tri-doshic oil for massage.  

    External use only.

    Not for consumption. 

    Contains: Sesame, Amalaki, Coconut, and a hint of Jasmine. 


    Contains: Sesame oil, coconut oil, ashwaghanda, chamomile



  • If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please email me directly to inititiate a return

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