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1 to 2 classes added weekly. This course is included free in every client subscription package. Non-clients can subscribe to In the Kitchen via the Client Packages menu tab for $15 per month. Join me In the Kitchen! I mainly created this page for clients. Many are just starting to cook with spices and are getting used to using some of the ingredients that come up in our sessions, so it is my hope that anyone interested might be able to use this for some inspiration and as a reference. The foundations of the way that we eat in my home are mainly inspired by the food traditions of Japan and India, so you should expect to learn a little about that here. However, I am also interested in how Āyurvedic philosophies can be found within food traditions all over the world, and so I plan to examine food and ingredients from other places as well. I want to highlight that this is not an Āyurvedic cooking course. I like to think of it as a sort of a practical exploration of the way that we exist in relationship to the food that we eat that is informed, inspired, and examined through the lens of the Āyurvedic tradition. I believe that Āyurveda should be practical, and that if we are eating real food the majority of the time, then food won't contribute to imbalances and food won't make us sick. I believe that the closer we get to source, the less we experience imbalance in general. It is with this in mind that I approach home cooking. I look forward to seeing you in my kitchen.

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